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    WGES Shelf List 2022-2023

    WGES Library Title List 2022-2023

  • Welcome to the WGES Library!
    Our Mission

    The mission of the Carroll ISD library program is to empower learners to graduate as critical thinkers, competent problem solvers and lifelong learners who contribute productively, creatively and ethically to society.

    This mission is accomplished by:

    • Providing access to information and ideas in all formats.
    • Providing a learning environment that fosters competence, creativity and stimulates interest in reading, viewing and using information and ideas.
    • Involving students in guided, inquiry-driven research using resources in all formats.
    • Demonstrating effective leadership strategies in the administration of the library program and in making connections to the broader learning community.
  • Link to have a book formally reconsidered

    The CISD librarians strive to offer a balanced collection that represents all of our students and their families and supports the wide range of reading interests. Not every book is for every reader. If you have a concern about a particular book or other media, please email me at

    This is the link to a form if you wish to have a book formally reconsidered:

    CISD Reconsideration Form

Classroom library lists can be found on the teacher's Seesaw page.